Charles Avery


Regarding the Gods



Born Oban, Scotland
Solo Exhibitions:
The Islanders: An Introduction, Parasol Unit, London
Touring to:
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
The Islanders: An Introduction - part III, Galerie Arquebuse, Geneva 
Charles Avery & Keith Wilson, Alexandre Pollazzon, London
The Plane of the Gods, Cubitt Gallery, London 
The Islanders: An Introduction - part II, Galleria Sonia Rosso, Turin
The Islanders, An Introduction, Doggerfisher, Edinburgh  
Hunting The Noumenon, Galleria Archimede Staffolini, Nicosia, Cyprus 
AVATARS, Galleria S.A.L.E.S, Rome 
The Hunter, Man in the Holocene, London 
 It thinks, Galleria Sonia Rosso, Turin
The Square Root of 2, Sleeper, Edinburgh 
The Freedom of the Universe, S.A.L.E.S., Rome  
The Truth about the Truth, Doggerfisher, Edinburgh 
Triangle Land, Dee Glasoe, New York  
The Palace of the Gulls, Percy Miller Gallery, London
The Last Yolk, Sonia Rosso Gallery, Pordenone, Italy  
The Riddle of Pooch Avery, Dee Glasoe Gallery, New York  
The Ghost of Scirribin, Nylon Gallery, London 
Charles Avery, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles 
The Life and Times of Nancy Haselswon, Tablet Gallery, London 
The Creation of the Omniverse, Nylon, London 
Portraits of People Who Never Existed, Entwistle Gallery, London 
Group Exhibitions 
Altermodern, 4th TATE Triennial, London
Made Up, International Festival of Contemporary Art, 5th Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool Scotland & Venice 2003, 2005, 2007, Charles Avery, Simon Starling and Cathy Wilkes, The Pier, Orkney, Scotland 
Irony and Gesture, Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Scotland & Venice, 52nd Venice Biennale 
The Lyon Biennale, France
The Athens Biennale, Greece
Timer, Trienniale Bovisa, Milan, Italy
Every Eye Sees Differently as The Eye, The Drawing Room, London
Welcome to My World, Alexandre Pollazzon
Sculpture Garden, Jonathan Viner, London 
Memphis Flaca, London       
Theoroma, Musee d’Art Contemporain, Avignon, France. 
Premio del Golfo, La Spezia, Italy 
Jerwood Drawing Prize 2004, London and touring trailer,
Man in the Holocene, London 
Io Mi Ricordo, Galleria S.A.L.E.S, Rome, Italy 
Il Premio per la Giovane Arte Italiana, Padiglione di Venezia, 50th Venice Biennale  
Love Over Gold, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow 
Necessary Kids, Charles Avery, Piotr Uklanski, Costa Vece, Gallerie Civico d’Arte   
Contemporanea di Siracusa, Sicily 
Dark Shadows, Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles  
Works on Paper, Archimede Staffolini Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus 
Prospects Drawing Prize 2003, London 
Contemporary Art Project, Museum of Modern Art, Seattle 
A measure of distance, Magnani, London 
Jerwood Drawing Prize, Cheltenham and London   
Prospects Drawing Prize, London  
Supersonic and Alien, S.A.L.E.S., Rome, Italy 
Flights of Reality, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh 
Flights of Reality, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge (group show with Keith Tyson, 
Grace Weir, Keith Wilson and Matthew Ritchie) 
Ghosty, Mille Eventi, Milan, Italy 
Works on Paper, S.A.L.E.S, Rome, Italy 
Made Space, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, touring to Changing Room, Stirling 
Drawing, Percy Miller Gallery, London 
Innuendo, Dee/Glasoe Gallery, New York 
Made Space, Pekao Gallery, Toronto, Canada 
Surveying the Landscape, Lombard Freid Gallery, New York 
Selection from the Files, Nylon, London 
The British on Paper, Galleria Sonia Rosso, Pordenone, Italy  
Untitled, Archimede Staffolini Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus 
DRAW, Ten in One Gallery, Chicago, IL 
Fine Line, Duncan Cargill Gallery, London 
The Islanders: An Introduction, Koenig Press (In association with the Parasol Unit)
The Art Atom, Atopia Projects, Edinburgh and Rhode Island, USA 
Art Works, British and German Contemporary Art 1960-2000, Deutsche Bank, London and 
Flights of Reality, Kettles Yard, Cambridge - Catalogue  
The Life and Lineage of Nancy Haselswon, (hardback edition 1000), 58pp, published by  
Nylon, July 1999,
Atopia Journal, Made Space, Issue 0.99. 
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